Dying my hair- using hair chalks. 

Hello everyone, tonight I thought I’d share with you how I changed my hair colour using Hair chalks.

These are around £6 on eBay, and have lasted me FOREVER!! I love them because whenever I’m bored of my hair I can just get these out and I’m sorted! So many colours to choose from! 

Anyway today I dyed my hair blue!! And I’m OBSESSED!! 

You’re supposed to just rub these into your hair (wet or dry) but I find that really damaged my hair. So what I do is, condition my hair (white conditioners work best as they don’t change the colour) and leave it in. While the conditioner is in my hair I rub in the chalks, I used a baby blue, green and a darker blue. Once all of your hair is covered, put it up out the way and leave it for half an hour (or however long you want).

 Then wash out the colour! Once I washed it I added more chalk and then dried my hair. 

This was the final look! As you can see I played around with my makeup aswel! 

I did end up washing my hair again because it was a little to bright. But I love it!! 

Thanks for reading 💕💕

Testing a new concealer. 

Hey everone!! So, I went shopping yesterday and picked up a new concealer. “Rimmel match perfection, conceal and highlight” £4.99. (On offer from £8) 

I got mine in the shade “010 ivory” and it’s actually light enough for my skin tone!! Wooo!! This makes me sooo happy because I usually stuggle to find one light enough. It contains vitamin C & E ( who new makeup was so good for you ).  

It has an unusual applicator, but I love it and it’s super easy to apply !! I feel like I will be able to use pretty much all of this product and not waste any because I can’t get it out! You just squeeze the tube until the product comes out and then you brush it onto your face ( what could be easier ). The packaging says that it wears for 12 hours, (I haven’t worn it that long yet, but will let you know) I did swatch it on my arm and once it dried I had to scrub it off! (so hopefully it does last!) the colour of this concealer is perfect for me but I could do with a bit more coverage ( I like high coverage). I would say this is a medium coverage, it makes my skin look nice but doesn’t quite cover my blemishes/spots.

Overall, I’m impressed so far I just need to see how long it wears throughout the day. Please let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried this before or if you have any concealers you recommend! 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Mini Primark haul!!!

Hey guys!! Today I’m going to be sharing some of the bits I picked up from Primark last week. Including the makeup from my “testing Primark makeup” blog. 
Let’s start off by getting all the makeup products out of the way (seeing as I’ve already shared these with you) 

So as you can see I picked up some sultry eyelashes (amazing), 2 pencil eyeliners, one liquid pen eyeliner, a mascara and a sculpt and blush kit. If you’d like to know my thoughts or the prices of any of these, check out my “testing Primark makeup” blog. 

Next I picked up some sunglasses, Primark have soooo many to choose from and they’re only £3 each!! They are UV protected aswel! 

These are the two pairs I went for (even though I could have brought loads). They both have the mirrored lenses that I love!! The second pair do not suit me at all but I stil absolutely love them! £3!!! I can’t really complain! 

Next I brought some chokers (you can NEVER have to many) 

The first one I picked up was this on with a rose gold “M”. I feel like this is so extra and that’s why I love it! It was only £2!!!!!

Next I picked up the most beautiful pack of three!! I fell in love with all three of these chokers straight the way! They’re unique and super cute! And only £3 for them all!!! 

Lastly, I picked up a “spot popper” (I don’t know they’re actually called). I’ve been wanting one of these for sooo long!! This one is so pretty in rose gold, and also it was only £1! Great quality aswel, It shocked me because of how good it is! 
That’s everything for my mini haul!! Thanks for reading! 

Top affordable makeup brands.

Hey everyone! It’s currently 10:50pm and I’ve decided to write a quick blog about my favourite makeup brands. As I can’t sleep because it’s boiling!! 

My first go to makeup brand (especially for eyeshadow) is makeup revolution. 

Their eyeshadows and face palettes are all really good quality, and super cheap. Most of them are under £10! They have so many different shades for different skin tones. Loads of choices of mattes and shimmer shades! I use their eyeshadows daily, I couldn’t live without them! 

My next recommendation would be “collection”

I like the face products from collection, and the prices couldn’t really get any better. Collection, lasting perfection concealer is amazing! It has great coverage and they actually do one light enough for my skin tone! I can’t do my makeup without it! Also, I think for the price (around £5) the “illuminating touch foundation” is perfect for people on a budget. It’s  not perfect for me as it oxidises slightly and I end up looking orange, but if I’m slightly tanned I use it as I love the coverage and finish.

Lastly I’m recommending Primark makeup (PS…) 

I’m not going to go on too much about Primark makeup, as you can read more in my “testing Primark makeup” blog. All I’m going to say is you should definitely pop in and treat yourself to some of their products. Low prices and really good quality, not everything’s perfect but for the prices you can’t really go wrong. 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Good night.

Reviewing highlighters. 

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing some of my favourite, affordable highlighters. All under £10!! 

“Tanya Burr, peachy glow” palette, £8 Superdrug (also comes with a bronzer and blush). As you can see I really like this highlighter. It’s perfect for everyday, not too intense but still gives a beautiful glow to the skin. The texture of this highlighter is really soft and blends on the skin effortlessly. 

“Revolution, ultra blush pallet- golden sugar” £6 from Superdrug. Also comes with 1 more highlight, 3 blushes and 3 bronzers. This highlighter is super intense! It’s stunning on the brow bone and inner corner but can be a bit too much o the face. Although that doesn’t stop me adding it EVERYWHERE! every time I apply this on my face, I can’t cope with its glow! The formula is slightly chalky but for the price I think it’s absolutely amazing! 

“Revolution, ultra blush pallette- hot spice” £6 Superdrug, comes with 7 more blushes. I’m completely in love with this highlighter (I’m obsessed with anything pink) but unfortunately because I’m soooo pale, its a little dark for me! I usually mix this highlight with the one before and the result is stunning! I love pink highlight! With the blinding glow from the last palette and the pink glow from this palette, they’re a match made in heaven!! I find the formula of the pink highlighter is a lot softer and easier to blend. 

Lastly, “PS… Sculpt and blush kit” £4 Primark. Also comes with a blush and bronzer. If you read my “testing Primark makeup blog then you would have seen I wasn’t to impressed with this at first. But since then I’ve been using this highlight daily. It starts off as a subtle glow but you can build it up so it’s blinding! So I think it’s perfect, weather I want a more natural look or want to “shine bright like a diamond” this it the highlight for the job! It’s got the nicest texture, super soft and creamy! Glides on the face effortlessly! If you’re going to purchase any, make sure its this one! 

This is my favourite brush to highlight with at the moment! It’s super soft and fluffy! Picks up lots of product, but also deposits them just as good! I got this with a set of 10 brushes, on eBay for £4.99. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog! Any questions feel free to ask in the comments or on the “contact me page” thanks again guys! 

Primark Eyelashes Review. 

Hey everyone. So if you read my “testing Primark makeup” blog, you would have seen I picked up some eyelashes. I didnt review them because I was saving for a wedding. Well that was yesterday, so I thought I’d finally share my opinion. The ones I picked up were the “sultry” lashes.


They are absolutely stunning! Really long and whispy, and the band is super thin! 

Unfortunately I’d ran out of the eyelash glue I usually use so had to try the one that came with the lashes. It wasn’t great. It took me about 4/5 attempts to put them on (trying not to cry from anger) and once I’d got them to kinda stick, they kept moving. So in the end I decided to add some glue to my lashes and press them together (not a great idea for when you want to take them off). 

I would definitely recommend these lashes because for the price they are amazing, but I would suggest trying a different glue with them.

Thank you so much for reading guys! 

Reviewing Primark makeup. 

So yesterday I popped into primark and picked up a few new makeup bits. 

Firstly, I picked up a pair of the PS… “Sultry” lashes, £1, as I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on Instagram and YouTube. Next I got the PS… lash contour, 3D curl, lengthening mascara, £2. The weird shape of the brush is what made me want to try it but I do also love the pink packaging. Then I picked up a nude and white PS… eyeliner, £1 for both. I’ve been wanting a white eyeliner for so long but can never seem to find one. The PS.. eyecomic eyeliner pen, I have used before and had to pick up another because for £1.50 I think it’s amazing! And lastly I FINALLY got my hands on the PS… sculpt & blush kit, £4, comes with a bronzer, blush, and I’m most excited to try the highlighter! 

  • The formula of the PS… sculpt and glow kit is super smooth and pigmented. I was a little disappointed with the highlighter, as I like a blinding glow, whereas I find this to be quite subtle. If you like a natural glow, this will be perfect for you! After trying out the highlighter again with a different brush and adding a few layers, I’ve changed my mind and I love it! It’s still quite subtle but it’s stunning! The blush is also a bit of a let down as its shimmery and I like mine to be Matte, I don’t want my whole face glowing. On the other hand I love the bronzer because it’s light enough for my skin tone and also really easy to blend. 
  • When I tried the PS… lash contour mascara, I was presently surprised. As you can see from the photo, one coat instantly lifted and thickened my normally lifeless lashes. I can definitely say, I’m very impressed with this item! 
  • The formula of these eyeliners are super soft and creamy. I didn’t think the pigment was great and they were very smudgy. They did come with a sharpener, and for £1 for both I don’t think they’re too bad. 
  • I personally think for £1.50 this eyeliner is amazing. It’s not perfect as it could be a little more pigmented, and also you have to apply it fast as once it’s dried, it starts rubbing itself off (if that makes sense) but the tip is really thin and easy to use. The product glides on effortlessly And it lasts forever. I know this as it’s lasted me a whole 12 hours working in a hot kitchen. My favourite thing about this eyeliner is that it doesn’t smudge in the corners of my eyes! 

Sadly today I will not be reviewing the PS… sultry eyelashes. I’m saving them for a wedding at the weekend, I’ll let you know my thoughts on them once I’ve tried them. They look like I’m going to love them as the band is really thin and they look really wispy and fluttery. 
Thank you so much for reading my blog today! If you have any ideas of blogs you’d like to see in the future, please let me know. Also these are all my own personal opinions and I don’t expect everyone to agree with them. Thanks again guys!